Left Handed Rifle Action




Left Handed Rifle Action - its got to be worth a shot!

For many years, left handed rifle action was all about learning to work bolts on the “wrong” side. It was basically a case of getting by with a right handed gun, if that was your passion.

There are more genuine left-hand rifles available today than ever before. When talking about left handed rifle action, many think of mirror-image bolt guns, but there are some true left handed rifles; Left-Hand Conversions; as well as the "almost ambidextrous" and true ambidextrous actions.

Modern machining has made left-hand bolt action rifles much more economical for manufacturers, so although the choice is not as wide as it is for the right-handers, in the world of left handed rifles, today's southpaw can get almost anything they want, though not always their preferred choice of model and chambering. Left hand conversions can be carried out by a quality gunsmith by switching the bolt from the right side to the left side, and in essence reversing the bolt rotation. This however, is an exceptionally costly customisation.

The almost ambidextrous guns, including the likes of semi-autos and slide actions, seem to be as good for both left and right-handers, but unfortunately the left-hander is still vulnerable to a case rupture, which would result in filling their face full of fragments, due to the ejection still being on the wrong side. The true ambidextrous do exist, but not many. A falling block single-shot, for left handed rifle action are indisputably ambidextrous, being completely neutral as to which side they're fired from. Nonetheless, a true left handed rifle action comes in the form of the mirror-image bolt action. Over the last ten years their availability has shot (forgive the pun) through the roof, although most major manufacturers limit their left-hand options to a selection of the most popular guns.

A typical left handed rifle action would be of exceptionally strong and stable resin-impregnated laminated design, with hinged magazine floor-plate, adjustable rear sight, hooded ramp front sight, with sling swivel studs are standard. Certain models incorporate the technology of police and military rifle design with an aircraft-graded aluminium bedding block running the full length of the receiver.

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