Left Handed Products




Left Handed Products - can you really get one of those?

These days there are so many left handed products available, we are almost spoilt for choice. It seems that virtually every week manufacturers announce the release of a new item and you never know, before not too long, the left-handers amongst the population, might just be on a level playing field with the right-handers of the world.

A few examples of left handed products now obtainable, include items from in the kitchen; all around the house; in the garden; plus some stationary odds and ends:-

From the kitchen: the left handed corkscrew with an anti-clockwise screw. A can opener which is held in the right hand and the rotary handle turned away from you with the left hand - on the left side of the tin! Knifes are great left handed products - having the serrations on the right side of the blade which prevents the “curved cut” problem that right handed knives bring. The traditional saucepans are not only tricky but extremely hazardous, as you have to pour backwards. The left handed pan has the pouring lip on the right - as it’s held, so pouring can be done in the correct direction. Peelers need to be moved towards the body to get best results. This is not possible with a right-handed peeler held in the left hand, as the cutting edge is facing the wrong way. For this reason, many “lefties“ have developed a technique for moving the peeler away from the body, and regularly can be found with knuckles resembling those straight out of a street fight! The left handed version has the cutting edge on the opposite side.

In and around the house, possibly the most popular of left handed products are the left handed scissors. The blades on left-handed scissors are reversed and are set so that, whichever way up you hold them, the left blade is always on top. This means that the cutting action of the left hand pushes the blades together to give a level cut the whole length of the blades and also that a left-hander has a clear view of the cutting line. When a left-hander uses right-handed scissors, they have to push the thumb and index finger together in an abnormal way to make the scissors cut, causing marks on the hand. Also, they have to look over the top blade, which make it difficult to see the cutting line.

Left handed products for the garden include: Secateurs - with the blades reversed and hand grips comfortably positioned for left-hand use. Sickle - with the blade sharpened on the reverse edge. Scythe - with the blade arch reversed to allow a cutting action leading with the left hand.

Stationary items, when they are left handed products, can bring about a tremendous improvement in every day life for both adults and children: Ruler - how good it is to be able draw a line without the other hand obscuring the measurements. Pencil sharpener - just think no more shavings falling into your lap! Notepad - designed with the right edge glued down to allow removal of sheets whilst writing with the left hand. Ring binders - with the binding on the right side of the writing pad - away from your left hand when jotting down comments. Cheque books - one of the many awkward things a left-hander has to do is attempt to fill in the stubs. This version has them down the right hand side, so at least you’ll be able remember where all your money went!

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