Left Handed Mouse Pointers




Left Handed Mouse Pointers - what’s the point?

Being given the opportunity to use a left handed mouse pointer is a must for all southpaws. It might not be to everyone’s liking, particularly if an individual has had years of using them the other way round, they may just be unable to get used to the change. Nevertheless, many left-handers do say the first time they use them feels much the same as the first time you’re allowed to cut something using correct scissors - fulfilling in a curious kind of way!

If you’ve been struggling for years using a right-handed mouse, you will probably be either slow and awkward, or have picked up an unhealthy tendency to cross the left hand over the body to reach the mouse, resulting in many aches and pains from poor posture. Using a left handed mouse and a left handed mouse pointer, will truly alter your perspective.

Many left-handers share a computer, and therefore a mouse, with a right-hander and this could cause problems. There is a free online programme from Microsoft Windows that allows you to perform a simple swap, using just one keystroke, dependant on whoever wishes to use the mouse.

Along with the left handed mouse and left handed mouse pointer, another significant improvement for the left-hander is a left handed keyboard. A familiar irritation for left-handers is the number-pad, which is traditionally placed to the right, making it uncomfortable for a left-hander to use and can trigger RSI (repetitive strain injury). The left handed keyboard is just like a standard one, except the number-pad and navigation keys are on the opposite side.

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