Left Handed Golf Sets




Left Handed Golf Sets - for the “sets” loving southpaw!

Until recently it was difficult to get hold of left handed golf sets so “lefties” just made do with what was available and as most instructors and instruction materials were for the right-hander, that was the way they played.

For many this actually seems more natural as they are leading with their left side, left eye and turning anti-clockwise. Indeed, there is a theory that the way you play golf can have more to do with your eyes than it has your hands.

However, if your game is more suited to playing left handed, then good news, the manufacturers are really looking out for you. Left handed golf sets are now available from many of the leading producers, such as Callaway; Cleveland; Cobra; Ping and Long Dog.

Typical left handed golf sets could be 17-pc. and feature steel fairway woods, with lightweight graphite shafts and perimeter-weighted irons, a 35-inch putter, head covers, titanium driver, a heel/toe weighted putter, possibly with polymer inserts and a dual padded strap stand bag. Additionally, many “throw in” an umbrella as a complimentary extra.

These are also available for the ladies and juniors; so if your left handed and have been thinking of taking up the game, there can no longer be any excuses!


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