Left Handed Golf Drivers




Left Handed Golf Drivers - they can’t be “right!”

It is said to be the name that launched a million great shots. As far as left handed golf drivers go, then the Big Bertha takes some beating. The large manufacturers are improving their designs all the time to give you the opportunity to play the shots you've always dreamed of, but with the added confidence you’ve always hankered after.

There are many different versions of these particular left handed drivers, such as Hawk Eye, Steelhead and War Bird. They can have either Titanium, Stainless or Carbon Composite head types and have a head volume anywhere between 190cc and 380cc. Their graphite shaft’s can have a flex which may be Firm; Regular; Stiff; Ladies; Senior or Uniflex.

These excellent golf drivers are getting lighter and friendlier all the time and are renowned for driving the ball straighter and with more ease, allowing a stronger flight pattern.

Left handed golf drivers are available online, together with suitably constructed junior drivers, with slimmer grips; plus publications and videos covering all essential aspects for the left-hander‘s game.

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