Gifts for Left Handed People





Gifts for Left Handed People - I’ll buy that!

Gifts for left handed people - what’s that all about? Most people enjoy buying presents for loved ones, be it for Birthdays, at Christmas time, or perhaps just as a simple thank you. Very often however, it can be a struggle to come up with an original idea. Well, If there is a “leftie” in your family then you will probably be amazed at the assortment of gifts that are now available to buy online.

Anything that makes life easier will always go down well with anybody; plus there will be the extra “feel good factor” for them - and for you for that matter; from the fact that you’ve made such a special effort and made their gift that little bit more personal! Here we highlight just a brief selection of gifts for left handed people, split between his; hers and the children.

A number of excellent gifts for left handed people are aimed at the handymen/women out there. How about the left handed paintbrush, with its unique handle shape which bends to correspond with the shape of the hand; or maybe a craft knife, with a left-handed locking blade. Then there is the ladies leather purse and the gentlemen’s leather wallet, each with a completely upturned design, which enables them to be undone, without their contents emptying out everywhere, when opened by a left-hander. Perhaps a manicure set, containing left-handed curved nail scissors for the lady and a Swiss army knife - with scissor blades reversed, nail file machining on the opposite side of the blade and corkscrew with an anti-clockwise action; for the gents.

Amongst the most exclusive gifts for left handed people is the left handed camera, with its 2 shutter release buttons, one on either side so it can be used comfortably with the left or right hand. You can also get address books for the left-hander that open in reverse and have the alphabetic index cut on the right edge, to allow selection with your left thumb.

One of the most popular gifts for left handed people is the award winning Yoropen Executive ballpoint, which successfully overcomes the difficulties that are often linked with left-handed writing. Its exclusive design helps to create the perfect pen grip and as a result, necessitates far less effort in its use and - only a left-hander will appreciate this; it eliminates smudging, because the angle of the pen allows you to clearly observe what you are writing, instead of your hand impeding your ability to see. This is also true of the Stabilo non-smudge pens, whose very quick drying ink is ideal for the kids, for whom you can get some wonderful books and videos to support their development and performance!

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