Left Handed Fender Bass




Left Handed Fender Bass - definitely be “a-fendered!”

The development of today’s left handed fender bass, owes much to Leo Fender who was an electronics enthusiast from California, and is recognised as the man behind the creation of the first solid-body, electric guitar to be produced in mass supply, and is therefore, the person to thank for transforming rock and roll.

Before he came along, guitarists attached what were known as pickups to the shell of their instruments, to enable them to meet their amplification requirements. The invention from the late 1940’s, of his Broadcaster, continues to be a bastion for left handed fender bass players of both rock and country music. Similarly, the soul sound of Motown would have been implausible had it not been for his later introduction of a Precision Bass, which brought with it a whole new freshness and flexibility.

Shortly afterwards he brought out the Stratocaster, with its innovative tremolo unit. Some of the greats such as Eric Clapton; Jeff Beck and possibly the most famous left hander from the rock world - Jimi Hendrix; would all have been hugely grateful to Mr Fender, as are all left handed musicians of present day.

Nowadays, the left handed fender bass, comes in varied forms, in particular the standard jazz, both five string and lined fretless fingerboard versions. These chrome classics are available in vintage style, with maple necks and rosewood fingerboards and have stood the test of time, being an affordable update of its earlier design.

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